lunes, 3 de abril de 2017

¡No voy a levantarme!

Preguntas Esenciales:
  • How is my morning routine similar and/or different than that of others?
  • Why is it important to have healthy habits?
Metas de la unidad:
  • I can communicate about my and other people's morning routine.
  • I can interpret and show that I understand a variety of morning routine related stories by answering questions, summarizing, choosing the correct words to complete the story, choosing the correct pictures when hearing sentences, drawing, acting out the story, and others.
  • I can look at someone's schedule and answer questions about their daily routine.
  • I can interpret (hear) authentic resources (commercials) related to morning routine activities.

Online resources:
!No voy a levantarme!
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Destino (from Elena)
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completa la lectura - Textivate
domino de preguntas - Papel para trabajar con compañeros
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viernes, 17 de marzo de 2017

Los Deportes

Preguntas Esenciales:
  • What role do sports have in culture?
  • What sports are popular in the Spanish speaking world? Who are some popular athletes in the Spanish speaking world?
  • How is my interest in sports and that of my culture similar and/or different from that of some parts of the Spanish speaking world

Metas para la unidad:
  • I can describe a variety of sports and sports related activities. (some vocab on Quizlet)
  • I can communicate (speak and write) about the importance of sports in my life and in the life of other people, particularly in the Spanish speaking world.
  • I can interpret readings related to a variety of sports.
  • I can interpret authentic resources related to sports
  • I can understand and describe information about baseball in the Dominican Republic.