viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

1A - ¿Cómo aprendes tú?

1A - ¿Qué haces en la escuela?
  • What are the Spanish vocabulary words I need to talk about classroom activities, objects and rules?
  • How do I conjugate stem changing verbs?
  • What are and how do I use affirmative and negative words in Spanish?

1A Vocab Google Presentation (images to define vocabulary words)
1A VOCABULARIO - ¿Qué haces en la escuela?
1A Cancón - ¿Cómo aprendes tú?


You will do a total of 3 this week  (one being the special blog post describing your favorite class) , so plan accordingly.  If you do extra assignments, it will count as extra credit, but your homework grade will not be above 100%.

**You must call Google Voice OR (record and email) each week ----> ONLY once a week please**  
  1. Hablar y Leer - Call Google Voice* (978) 267-7255) and answer certain questions relevant to current chapter.  
    1. p. 9 OR **p. 14**
  2. Hablar y Dibujar - Use an iPad App (Srceen Chomp or Explain Everything) to draw pictures relevant to current chapter and record yourself describing them.
    1. You will have time in class on Thursday, February 16 to do this.
  3. Escribir y Hablar - Write ten sentences using vocabulary from current chapter.  Call Google Voice* and say your sentences.
    1. Instead of calling, you can post the sentences on your blog. Make sure you have accents if necessary. You can copy and paste from a word document into blogger.
  4. Escribir y Hablar -  Describe (write and speak by calling Google Voice* (978) 267-7255)) a picture related to current vocabulary.  Use at least 10 vocabulary words and say at least 10 sentences.
    1. This is the picture for the week of 2/13/2012 - CHAPTER 1A
    2. Post your sentences on your blog.
  5. Escuchar - Do three of the audio activities from the chapter.  Audio Activities will posted on class website.  
    1. Audio (videos) are posted at the bottom of this page.
    2. p. 17 & 18 - Audio will be posted in videos below.
    3. Post your answers on your blog.
  6. Illustrar y Escribir - Use ToonDoo to make a comic strip related to the current chapter. Include at least 10 vocabulary words.
    1. Post the image OR a link to the image on your blog.
  7. Animar y Escribir - Write a dialogue using current vocabulary and animate the conversation using Go! Animate or  Xtranormal
    1. Post a link on your blog.
  8. Escuchar y Cantar -  Listen to and fill in the blanks for the pop culture song related to this chapter.  Song and wksht. will posted on class website. Sing the song (don’t worry, you will not have to provide evidence of singing ;) ).
    1. p. 23, 24, 25 or pages 26 & 27. Links to the songs and/or videos will be posted.
  9. Leer, Escribir, y Hablar - Read a story related to current chapter, write a brief summary (10 sentences) about the story, and call Google Voice * (978) 267-7255)  to say your summary.  
    1. p. 19
    2. Post your summary on your blog.
  10. Dibujar y conjugar - Do a "Conjugarte" drawing. See Mrs. Jacobs for the paper. Click here for an example of what this is. Post a picture of the famous work of art on your blog.
    1. See Mrs. Jacobs OR 11-12.
  11. Ilustrar y Escribir - Illustrate the current chapter’s Realidades song. Make sure to write the lyrics as well.
    1. p. 21
  12. Enrichment - Any activity from this website: Zambombazo
  13. Conjugar - Go to this site, make an account (KRHS school id is 2144), and practice conjugations - click on Spanish verbs (on the left). Do two five minute sessions. Take a picture for proof or email it to me.
  14. Other idea - if you have other ideas, please see the teacher.
*After you call Google Voice I will respond with comments and forward the html for you to embed in the blog.