Trabajo de Clase

lunes, el ocho de junio

miércoles, el tres de junio
    Do some Textivate activities for Ferdinando El Toro:
    1. EASY summary activity (here are some more options for the easy summary)
    2. Summary activity (with a few more details than the one above) (here are some more options for the summary)
    3. - Answer questions about text (use pages 11-13 to help you) ----> Make sure you click "original order" 
      1. This one gives you choices of answers. (easy)
      2. This one gives you letters to type the answers. (more challenging)
      3. Here are some more options (sooo many!)
    4. Also, here is a Quizlet practice with some of the key words that you will need for your spoken re-tell.

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