viernes, 27 de enero de 2017

La Ciudad Coloreada

Metas para la unidad:
  • When directed, I can function in a "solo español" classroom.
  • I understand that in order to learn new words and structures, it is important that I repeat, act out, and listen/read for meaning.
  • I can show that I understand a story in a variety of ways, including: answering questions, summarizing, choosing the correct words to complete the story, choosing the correct pictures when hearing sentences, drawing, acting out the story, and others.
  • I can remember previously learned vocabulary, pronunciation rules, and grammatical structures (including: conjugations, adjective agreement and placement, and ser vs. estar).
  • Quiz: Vocabulario, grammar, and cierto falso about the story.
  • Quiz: Listen to sentences about the story and identify the pictures.
  • Examen:
    • Listening: Listen to the questions about the story and answer them.
    • Speaking: Look at some screenshot from the story and describe 5-8 of them.
    • Reading: Read a similar story in Spanish and answer questions about it in English.
    • Writing: Write a similar story, but with a twist.
    • Grammar: Conjugations, adjective agreement and ser vs. estar
Online activities:

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